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Saturday, February 14, 2015

St. Louis Globe-Democrat Newspaper Valentines Day Issue 1905

It is February 14, 2015, Valentines Day, and today I have for you a copy of the St. Louis Globe Democrat: Magazine Section from February 1905.   This special Valentines Day edition is 110 years of age, and is falling apart.  It was made using wood pulp and is highly acidic.  It is a lot worse than the more durable linen-based, cotton-based and rag fiber-based paper that was used up until the 1800s.

The url for the above video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E_1B58OuhvA

By the way, I did not mention that typeset error in "Governmental Problem in Both Hemispheres" ... the m in Problem is upside down (a photograph is below).  Watch those p's, q's, b's, d's and, in this case, m's!

Here are some photographs.  You can see the Valentines Day scene with Cupid, the sealed envelope and some ladies looking at their cards [one of which could be considered a Vinegar Valentine (I discussed those in 2011: http://michaeltheresearcher.blogspot.com/2011/02/vinegar-valentines-different-kind-of.html)] along with other news of the day.

 photo Globe190501_zps79f44feb.jpg
 photo Globe190502_zps41517248.jpg
 photo Globe190503_zpsb2dc6694.jpg
 photo Globe190504_zpsbee1ddc7.jpg
 photo Globe190505_zps7cbeff69.jpg
 photo Globe190506_zps30b87bb6.jpg
 photo Globe190507_zps3cd0df68.jpg
 photo Globe190508_zpsb08e2c03.jpg
 photo Globe190509_zps954cee2f.jpg
 photo Globe190510_zps14f2b0e3.jpg
 photo Globe190511_zps0ed1f265.jpg
 photo Globe190512_zps57b15389.jpg
 photo Globe190513_zps286522d3.jpg
 photo Globe190514_zps99f90a11.jpg
 photo Globe190515_zps20b907f6.jpg
 photo Globe190516_zps67521b54.jpg
 photo Globe190517_zps82113683.jpg
 photo Globe190518_zps4e4b7926.jpg
 photo Globe190519_zps7aada00a.jpg

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