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Monday, April 29, 2013

Concert Review: The Rock N Roll Legends Show In Wilmington, Delaware On April 27, 2013

On April 27, 2013, I travelled to Wilmington, Delaware for "The Rock & Roll Legends Show". The event featured Jay Siegel's Tokens, Jimmy Clanton, The Legendary Teenagers, The Tymes, The Passions, The Classics and The Chimes. Each act featured at least one ORIGINAL member. The event took place at a theater called The Grand. The camera policy was strange. The security people radically enforced the policy during the sets of The Tymes and The Teenagers only. Very odd.

The first act was The Chimes, with original members Lenny Cocco and Pat DePrisco. I was buying the ticket while they were on and walked in at the tail end of the last song. I will be seeing them again later in the year so I will be able to post an appropriate review soon. By the end of this blog entry, you will see that I did get to see some of the guys in The Chimes perform that night.

The second act was The Classics, featuring original vocalist Emil Stucchio. The music played and vocals were heard although the crowd wondered where the group members were located. This is because the three of them walked into the audience area from the back!! As you can see from the photographs below, they walked up the aisle to the stage and performed "I Who Have Nothing" down there in the pit! After the first number, they walked onto the stage and continued with "Itty Bitty Pretty One". Next up was a song with back-up vocalist Teresa McClean on the lead called "You Are My Reason To Live" (I believe that was the title). According to Emil, this tune landed Teresa a top 10 single on a New York radio station peaking at #8. The forth track in the set was the top 20 hit "Till Then". "Never Let Me Go" with its well-known chorus closed their exuberant performance. 

 photo RNRLegends427201301_zps9809a1e3.jpg  photo RNRLegends427201302_zpse8009bbc.jpg
 photo RNRLegends427201303_zps3dcda6bb.jpg
 photo RNRLegends427201304_zps7b0109f0.jpg

The Passions, featuring Jimmy Gallagher, was the third act on the bill. This is one group that I really wanted to see and this time they performed five songs as opposed to their three song set from last month's gig (Review here: ). They hit the stage with "Made For Lovers". This was a great one to get the crowd going with ... and one of my personal favorites. The next song was the soft and heartfelt ballad "This Is My Love". The third number in the set was "I Only Want You". This was followed by "Gloria", a song the crowd obviously recognized judging by the applause. The Passions closed with "Just To Be With You". Last month, I stated that the group has a bunch of other songs that I would like to hear in the future. On April 27, 2013, that wish came true. 

 photo RNRLegends427201305_zpsd0ff5878.jpg  photo RNRLegends427201306_zps7b44d439.jpg

Here is a brief clip of "Made For Lovers":

The url for the above video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OAEzhvB8kMk

Here is a brief clip of "I Only Want You":

The url for the above video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ydwAUFtvLQI

Here is a brief clip of "Just To Be With You":

The url for the above video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_mBfXIsJZDg

 The act that closed the half of the concert prior to the intermission was The Tymes, featuring original members Albert "Caesar" Berry and Norman Burnett. Their performance was similar to and the setlist was exactly the same as their performance and the setlist from last month (Review here: ). Tymes opened with a cover tune, "Love Train", and continued with their own hit single from 1963, "Somewhere" ... a song that peaked at number nineteen. The band's chart topping number one smash "So Much In Love" was performed next after an introduction that included a reference to the cover versions of the track that were released over the decades. Next up was "You Little Trustmaker". It was a top twenty hit for the band in 1974 ... a song way past the days of the Doo Wop Era, but certainly an important part of the history of the group. Much like last month, The Tymes incorporated funny skits into the set.
 photo RNRLegends427201307_zps6c8efa00.jpg

They tore it up out there and I had an opportunity to tell Caesar and Norman in person after their performance.
 photo RNRLegends427201308_zps7a78eadb.jpg

Some signed items here ...

 photo RNRLegends427201309b_zps325066c3.jpg
 photo RNRLegends427201310a_zpsbd70ffb7.jpg

I walked up to Jimmy Gallagher and he immediately remembered me from last month's concert in Lancaster. He signed the photo of us taken last month:

 photo RNRLegends427201311b_zpsb4a4ef40.jpg

I was talking to Jimmy for so long that I missed two of The Teenagers songs! I am sure the two songs I missed were "Goody Goody" and "I Promise To Remember", the first two that they performed last month (Review here: ). I walked in during "Share". The next number was "The ABC's Of Love" and the fifth and final song was the quintessential Doo Wop song of the 1950s, "Why Do Fools Fall In Love". Prior to leaving the stage, the guys parted with some fast and efficient dance moves.

Since security was out in full force, it was easy to film than to take a photo due to the flash of a camera. Here is a screen cap made from a video (I only filmed a few seconds in order to get a decent photo):
 photo RNRLegends427201312_zps893dc18d.jpg
 photo RNRLegends427201313_zps63241306.jpg
 photo RNRLegends427201314_zps0941605f.jpg  photo RNRLegends427201315_zps4ec36811.jpg


 The encore and closing moment featured all of the group members. They performed The Spaniels' hit "Goodnite, Sweetheart, Goodnite".

 photo RNRLegends427201316_zps66486ecf.jpg

Jimmy Merchant's cousin helped me to get some items signed and also took this photograph:
 photo RNRLegends427201317_zpsbb2dae8a.jpg

Some incredible 1950s memorabilia here ...

 photo RNRLegends427201318_zpsc35da140.jpg
 photo RNRLegends427201319_zps542a4ced.jpg

Last month I only had Herman's signature on this photo. Now I have Jimmy's signature and Tommy Lockhart's signature. One more to go!

 photo RNRLegends427201320_zps00e47353.jpg
 photo RNRLegends427201321_zpsf3ac9234.jpg
 photo RNRLegends427201322_zps2cca0eec.jpg
 photo RNRLegends427201323_zps33f82d34.jpg
 photo RNRLegends427201324_zpsa590e40a.jpg  photo RNRLegends427201325_zps6c5ecc80.jpg  photo RNRLegends427201326_zps4c81600b.jpg
 photo RNRLegends427201327_zps0f16f0e5.jpg  photo RNRLegends427201328_zps2aa12622.jpg

Sunday, April 28, 2013

World War II Encampment At Graeme Park In Horsham, PA On April 20, 2013

Graeme Park hosted a World War II event on April 20 and 21. The photographs in this blog entry are from April 21. Unfortunately, I arrived after all of the specific attractions. The camps were still present and World War II Veterans were still on the grounds.

 photo WW2GraemeApril21201301_zps24ea94cd.jpg
 photo WW2GraemeApril21201302_zpsf64b61ca.jpg
 photo WW2GraemeApril21201303_zps5b8d53eb.jpg
 photo WW2GraemeApril21201304_zpsed622784.jpg
 photo WW2GraemeApril21201305_zpsa3587e59.jpg
 photo WW2GraemeApril21201306_zps150e3923.jpg
 photo WW2GraemeApril21201307_zps9d04fbd1.jpg
 photo WW2GraemeApril21201308_zpsa658af2e.jpg

I met a Second World War Veteran named Harry Bean. He is 86 years old and served in Italy. Here we are by some tents:
 photo WW2GraemeApril21201309_zpsd085628f.jpg

His signature on a card:
 photo WW2GraemeApril21201310_zps95c415e5.jpg

 photo WW2GraemeApril21201311_zpsf5be3670.jpg
 photo WW2GraemeApril21201312_zpsfdeb1d70.jpg
 photo WW2GraemeApril21201313_zpsd6d6105d.jpg

There was a Militaria market too:
 photo WW2GraemeApril21201314_zpsf0859019.jpg

The promotional flyer showing what I missed:
 photo WW2GraemeApril21201315_zps943db0a3.jpg

Friday, April 26, 2013

Neshaminy State Park Civil War Reenactment And Encampment Held On April 20, 2013

Once again, Neshaminy State Park in Bensalem, Pennsylvania hosted its very extraordinary Civil War Reenactment. The specific portrayal was The Battle Of Mine Run (also known as The Mine Run Campaign and The Battle Of Payne's Farm And New Hope Church) that originally took place in Orange County, Virginia from November 27 to December 2, 1863. There was much more to see in the Park as well including vendors (I bought a little bit ... actually I bought a lot and had to stop), camp life and more. This was a two-day event and I attended day one on April 20, 2013.

I took a lot of photographs that day and due to space limitations, I can only attach a certain amount to this entry. All of the photographs I took that day can be seen at this url: http://s169.photobucket.com/user/portaltothepast/library/Reenactments/Civil%20War/Neshaminy%20State%20Park%20April%2020%202013?sort=9&page=1

 photo Neshaminy201301_zpsa5944169.jpg

This is really some excellent and incredible footage ... my best yet for a Battle Reenactment. I truly believe this is the best Reenactment video I have ever recorded.

The url for the above video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SuxvuqwllJw

 photo Neshaminy201303_zps87eb3b88.jpg
 photo Neshaminy201305a_zps36c31645.jpg
 photo Neshaminy201306a_zpsec7dd6c1.jpg
 photo Neshaminy201307_zpsdfdcd308.jpg
 photo Neshaminy201308_zps315fa5a5.jpg
 photo Neshaminy201309_zpsdf66900e.jpg
 photo Neshaminy201310_zps9f005acf.jpg
 photo Neshaminy201312_zpsfc0d34f6.jpg
 photo Neshaminy201313_zps38034d7d.jpg
 photo Neshaminy201315_zps1a0f03f2.jpg
 photo Neshaminy201316_zps1f341457.jpg
 photo Neshaminy201317_zpsae21b7fd.jpg
 photo Neshaminy201320_zps40af7d62.jpg
 photo Neshaminy201322_zps23d38e13.jpg
 photo Neshaminy201323_zpsc1005ab7.jpg
 photo Neshaminy201324_zps1b1aef12.jpg
 photo Neshaminy201325_zpsfe55d979.jpg
 photo Neshaminy201327a_zps49b7e282.jpg
 photo Neshaminy201328_zps1da109b2.jpg

A video of the Union Soldiers' Final March:

The url for the above video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gXnnIubcYKE

 photo Neshaminy201329_zps16419e0e.jpg
 photo Neshaminy201330_zps555e1469.jpg
 photo Neshaminy201331_zps96ff6401.jpg
 photo Neshaminy201332_zps458d02f3.jpg
 photo Neshaminy201333_zps1b332cdf.jpg
 photo Neshaminy201334_zps22da7ab5.jpg
 photo Neshaminy201335_zpsf1af686c.jpg

The Union Encampment ...

 photo Neshaminy201336_zps4bf068fd.jpg
 photo Neshaminy201339_zpsae59182d.jpg
 photo Neshaminy201341_zpsd51ce51f.jpg
 photo Neshaminy201344_zps4a9f6a0c.jpg

The Confederate Encampment ...

 photo Neshaminy201350_zpscc98166b.jpg
 photo Neshaminy201351_zps6abeef0a.jpg
 photo Neshaminy201352_zps27b4e83f.jpg
 photo Neshaminy201361_zpsc258ae04.jpg

My friends in the Camptown Shakers were once again a part of the Neshaminy event. I recorded three concert videos ... bootlegs if you will.

"Dandy Jim From Caroline" (alternate title "Best Looking Fellow In The County"):

The url for the above video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gI6GIz1snWE

"White Cat Black Cat":

The url for the above video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OMAn8pgVKq4

"Aunt Phoebe's Sticking Plaster" (alternate title "Pitch Burgundy Plaster"):

The url for the above video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bpBAGrB2PTY

2013 for this photo:
 photo Neshaminy201364a_zps97855fc3.jpg

... and 1863 for this one:
 photo Neshaminy201364b_zps31db3682.jpg

Here is the specific website for the event: http://www.neshaminycwevent.org

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