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Saturday, March 26, 2016

Duck Hunt (Clay Targets) Video Game Played On A Nintendo Entertainment System And A Toshiba Television

After well over two decades, I decided to try the Nintendo out that my brother purchased in the summer of 1989.  It powered on right away and the ten games that we had all worked very well.  Here is one of them - Duck Hunt.  I am vegan so I never play the duck version - I only shoot the clay plates.  Over the years, I played the Atari and never the Nintendo.  The neglect did not harm it in any way.  After not being turned on in more than twenty years, it is still going strong.  Yesterday and this morning, I played it for many hours and that area comprising the thumb and palm hurt so badly that I had to stop.  I certainly do not miss the pain caused by these video games.

The NES is played on a Toshiba television set Model 14AF45 (December 2005).  I bought it at a yard sale last year.

 photo NintendoHunt1_zpshwajis3b.jpg
 photo NintendoHunt2_zpsq5ff9u3g.jpg
 photo NintendoHunt3_zpsr7i45eow.jpg
 photo NintendoHunt4_zpspiwwpjgl.jpg

The url for the above video:https://youtu.be/6PM3UOKcPjk

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