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Friday, May 30, 2014

A 2014 Call To Restore Memorial Day Back To May 30 As Opposed To The Last Monday Of May

Memorial Day was initially called Decoration Day and, for years, was observed on May 30.  It eventually became "observed" on the final Monday of May.  I type "observe" in quotes because the Day and the Day's intention have been trivialized by the change.  I wish to see Memorial Day/Decoration Day returned to a single sole concrete day as opposed to the absolutely disgusting last Monday of May "kick-off" to the summer.  There are various petitions online that people can sign.  I signed one in 2008.  Many Soldiers were killed in combat and to transform a day honoring their deaths to a convenient kick-off to the summer is no doubt disgraceful.

Here is a postcard from the era when Memorial Day was called Decoration Day and was solely a Union North observance or commemoration. It was postmarked in 1910.
 photo DecorationDayPC_zps5a74f9a9.jpg

Thursday, May 29, 2014

Good Will Purchases For Displaying Mechanical Machines And Records

Last night I recorded and posted a video showing the items that I purchased at the Mechanical Music Extravaganza in Wayne, NJ.  In this video, I will show you some recent purchases from a local Good Will store.  These pieces of furniture work very well with the phonographs and records that I picked up.

 photo GoodWill201401_zps970e3296.jpg
 photo GoodWill201402_zps5d3007cb.jpg
 photo GoodWill201403_zps3cff33c9.jpg
 photo GoodWill201404_zps49b8ad5a.jpg
 photo GoodWill201405_zps274eab9f.jpg
 photo GoodWill201406_zpsb9795b59.jpg
 photo GoodWill201407_zpse077e25c.jpg
 photo GoodWill201408_zps3342a708.jpg

 photo GoodWill201409_zpsdd2c2771.jpg 

I have not tried to use the furniture pieces with the gramophones yet.  I might try it soon.

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Purchases From The Mechanical Music Extravaganza In Wayne, NJ In April 2014

On April 13, 2014, I attended the AMAZING Mechanical Music Extravaganza in Wayne, New Jersey.   This was the first time I attended this convention.  It was very much worth the two hour drive to get there.  This is the place to be if you want to procure an early machine for cylinders or 78s or stroll down the aisles as if it was a museum.  The admission fee was $6.  I certainly recommend the convention and I will be attending the next event this October 12.

The first seven pictures are from the convention and the remaining six show my purchases.  There is a video showing the purchases at the bottom of the page.

 photo MechanicalApril201401_zps04bf2410.jpg
 photo MechanicalApril201402_zps933b5915.jpg
 photo MechanicalApril201403_zpse39d4f30.jpg
 photo MechanicalApril201404_zpsb41692a8.jpg
 photo MechanicalApril201405_zps711e0502.jpg

Here are two extraordinary mechanical figures.  The girl in the winter clothing (circa 1910) removes her hand from the mittens and blows kisses and the woman (circa 1915) plays the harp while her chest moves from the breathing.  If I am not mistaken, the figures were $6,000 or $6,5000 and $19,000 respectively:
 photo MechanicalApril201406_zpsdaa00bf5.jpg
 photo MechanicalApril201407_zps52059950.jpg

Here is my haul.  In the following photographs, you will see a Brunswick Panatrope Exponential Type 106 from the late 1920s (1928 perhaps), an Edison Standard Phonograph Model B with a C Reproducer sold from July 1905 to the Summer 1906, a His Master's Voice Model 102E Portable Gramophone from 1952 (it was introduced in July 1931 and discontinued in 1960 ... I came to the conclusion that it is from 1952 because the serial code is B/16), 78s records, celluloid and wax cylinder records, envelopes of needles and an empty Columbia concert wax cylinder box.

 photo MechanicalApril201408_zps375ed6db.jpg
 photo MechanicalApril201409_zpse2a4269e.jpg
 photo MechanicalApril201410_zps9c23c5a7.jpg
 photo MechanicalApril201411_zps7dea1f72.jpg
 photo MechanicalApril201412_zps4bb4eb96.jpg
 photo MechanicalApril201413_zps0be1c565.jpg

The prices at the Mechanical Music Extravaganza were less than what one would have to pay on ebay or elsewhere on the web.  That is the irony of this convention - one can indeed get quality for less.  It is the real deal no doubt.  Another advantage to going to a convention is the ability to see and hear a demonstration of the machines prior to buying.  Plus, the vendors are more knowledgeable than online sellers who are not experienced in old machines.  Certainly some knowledgeable sellers on the web do exist and the ones who specialize in early machines should be sought out.  Many of the people on ebay and elsewhere on the internet sell junk pieces that they think are functional.

Here is the video:

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

The South 9th Street Italian Market Festival In Philadelphia, PA Was Held On May 17, 2014

For the fourth year in a row, I attended the South 9th Street Italian Market Festival in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. I showed up on day one, Saturday, May 17, 2014.  The event enjoyed another large crowd.

 photo ItalianMay17201401_zps5a9a1966.jpg
 photo ItalianMay17201402_zps85349092.jpg
 photo ItalianMay17201403_zpsad437d67.jpg
 photo ItalianMay17201404_zps9f377a99.jpg

I found out about this station at the Festival and I am listening to it as I type this: photo ItalianMay17201405_zps5823ee0f.jpg

I picked up a bag of bruschette and a bottle of olive oil - both Italian made!
 photo ItalianMay17201406_zps0adc56ed.jpg

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Peerless Quartet With "Tenting On The Old Camp Ground" Lakeside Indestructible Cylinder Record

The American Civil War 150th Anniversary Observance continues with a song from the era called "Tenting On The Old Camp Ground".  As a matter of fact, this song was published 150 years ago this year so this is a very, very special Sesquicentennial moment.  "Tenting On The Old Camp Ground" was written in 1863, and published one year later in 1864.  A man named Walter Kittredge authored the song.  Walter was drafted into the Union Army and was shortly after discharged because he had rheumatic fever.
The vocal group performing on the record is the Peerless Quartet and the issue number is 1079.

In addition to a Lakeside Indestructible Cylinder Record and an Amberola Phonograph, I have two specimens of sheet music and two postcards.

Although some online sources reference the year 1909 as the date of this record, I read that the company did not begin to issue cylinders until 1910.

I filmed the introduction of the video on May 17 which is Armed Forced Day so I can tie that into this video as well.

Photographs ...

A very nice display:
 photo TentingMay201401_zps0afc0a07.jpg
 photo TentingMay201402_zpsd2d8671a.jpg

Both of these sheet music specimens have copyright protection registration dates of 1864 on the covers ...

 photo TentingMay201403_zpsf81fe575.jpg
 photo TentingMay201404_zpsd94b2254.jpg
 photo TentingMay201405_zpscbbaaf77.jpg
 photo TentingMay201406_zps6212d032.jpg
 photo TentingMay201407_zpse1c3bcc7.jpg
 photo TentingMay201408_zps9d70a291.jpg
 photo TentingMay201409_zps55634734.jpg
 photo TentingMay201410_zps28a86c52.jpg

This circa 1910 postcard included the lyrics so you can read along as you listen to the song:
 photo TentingMay201411_zps25313374.jpg
 photo TentingMay201412_zpsc9aee7d0.jpg
 photo TentingMay201413_zpsaf0221a1.jpg
 photo TentingMay201414_zps109d4b76.jpg
 photo TentingMay201415_zps338d00af.jpg
 photo TentingMay201416_zpsec4c24ff.jpg

Now ladies and gentlemen, "Tenting On The Old Camp Ground" ...

Thank you all for watching and continuing to observe the American Civil War Sesquicentennial.

Saturday, May 17, 2014

The 2014 New Jersey State History Fair At Washington Crossing State Park In Titusville

On May 10, I once again went to the NJ History Fair at Washington Crossing State Park in Titusville.  Most of my time was spent talking to people from the Grover Cleveland (hopefully we can team up for a presentation later this year) and the 1853 House.

The following are photographs and a video from the event ...

 photo NJFair201401_zps1eefaa5f.jpg
 photo NJFair201402_zps243034c0.jpg
 photo NJFair201403_zps2e6f04bf.jpg
 photo NJFair201404_zpsea676ae8.jpg
 photo NJFair201405_zpsa4dcb897.jpg
 photo NJFair201406_zpse7acdaa8.jpg
 photo NJFair201407_zps6acffd1d.jpg
 photo NJFair201408_zpsca47e257.jpg
 photo NJFair201409_zpsf81e4ff5.jpg
 photo NJFair201410_zps1fcf886e.jpg
 photo NJFair201411_zpse6e07522.jpg
 photo NJFair201412_zpse628882b.jpg
 photo NJFair201413_zps16507f3f.jpg
 photo NJFair201414_zps1b39c87b.jpg

In the video below, you will see someone playing a violin from around 1760 and an English guittar (yes, "guittar" ... two "t"'s) from 1710 to 1800.  He also has a dancing Benjamin Franklin marionette.  It was great to see these original instruments at the Fair!

 photo NJFair201415_zps2778e404.jpg
 photo NJFair201416_zps7d788b10.jpg
 photo NJFair201417_zps96d71e90.jpg
 photo NJFair201418_zpsf3248670.jpg
 photo NJFair201419_zpse9ce2673.jpg
 photo NJFair201420_zps7102cdab.jpg
 photo NJFair201421_zps0713ba56.jpg
 photo NJFair201422_zpsd1d95127.jpg
 photo NJFair201423_zpsa4cbf38c.jpg
 photo NJFair201424_zpsa1a7dd27.jpg
 photo NJFair201425_zps5d917adb.jpg
 photo NJFair201426_zps0e4250a5.jpg
 photo NJFair201427_zpsb6515cf8.jpg
 photo NJFair201428_zps1267992a.jpg
 photo NJFair201429_zps34b28621.jpg
 photo NJFair201430_zpsdad4cbb1.jpg
 photo NJFair201431_zpsab5d27b7.jpg
 photo NJFair201432_zpsb9227149.jpg
 photo NJFair201433a_zps7ce13454.jpg
 photo NJFair201433b_zps3a2a1c46.jpg
 photo NJFair201434_zps2c9a12a8.jpg
 photo NJFair201435a_zpsacb66af3.jpg
 photo NJFair201435b_zpsb73b8201.jpg
 photo NJFair201436_zpsa2ab5218.jpg
 photo NJFair201437_zps824fde3b.jpg
 photo NJFair201438_zpsf729980b.jpg

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