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Friday, October 31, 2014

Halloween Can Be For Vegans 2014

This blog entry will show you the kinds of candy that vegans can partake in on Halloween.

 photo VeganHalloween01_zps02521dd9.jpg
 photo VeganHalloween02_zpsca8bc336.jpg
 photo VeganHalloween03_zpsad7a4d44.jpg
 photo VeganHalloween04_zpsa3238be6.jpg

Here I am with some vegan tomato juice too!
 photo HalloweenMikeGothika2014_zps96fb445c.jpg

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Haunted Haddon Halloween Car Show In Camden, New Jersey On October 25, 2014

On October 25, 2014, the Haddon Farmers Market in Camden, NJ hosted a Car Show that featured antique and modern automobiles, Halloween sights and moon bounce attractions.  I visited the Market for the first time on October 19 of this year and during my time there I found out about this event.  I do have high hopes for this Market given that it is in Camden, a city that is in dire need of revenue and tourism and, quite simply, there cannot be enough of these kinds of markets.  You will note that the name Haddon Twp. (aka Township) was used on the promotional flyer.  Haddon Township is not as horrifying as Camden, NJ so that is why it was used.  I have been in and out of Camden for over twenty years now and some parts of the city are fine.  This market is in one of the safest areas of the city.

I took a bunch of photographs.  In them, you will see Halloween-themed and other displays, one vehicle with a lot of speakers and more.  The market building can be seen in the background of some photos.  The market has great hours inside and outside and there is still plenty of vendor space available.

 photo CamdenCar201401_zps971229b7.jpg
 photo CamdenCar201402_zpsff558190.jpg
 photo CamdenCar201403_zps2316c85c.jpg
 photo CamdenCar201404_zps9d611a5f.jpg
 photo CamdenCar201405_zpsfe11123b.jpg
 photo CamdenCar201406_zps51fbda55.jpg
 photo CamdenCar201407_zpsb275abe2.jpg
 photo CamdenCar201408_zps607c8075.jpg
 photo CamdenCar201409_zps42f63644.jpg
 photo CamdenCar201410_zps62d4ab5b.jpg
 photo CamdenCar201411_zpsd56663b3.jpg
 photo CamdenCar201412_zps1b0b0ff9.jpg
 photo CamdenCar201413_zpsad41bbbf.jpg
 photo CamdenCar201414_zps9262d408.jpg
 photo CamdenCar201415_zpsa4f739ac.jpg
 photo CamdenCar201416_zpsb05397ca.jpg
 photo CamdenCar201417_zps01ac9700.jpg
 photo CamdenCar201418_zps6d694f42.jpg
 photo CamdenCar201419_zps0ff1a2a2.jpg
 photo CamdenCar201420_zpsbd39ab3b.jpg
 photo CamdenCar201421_zpsb58a51c0.jpg
 photo CamdenCar201422_zps7361aeaf.jpg
 photo CamdenCar201423_zpsada5d6d0.jpg
 photo CamdenCar201424_zpsc1a460d8.jpg
 photo CamdenCar201425_zps7fd5e1df.jpg
 photo CamdenCar201426_zps7cb41751.jpg
 photo CamdenCar201427_zps3b0205af.jpg

Here is the market's website: http://www.haddonfarmersmarket.com

Monday, October 20, 2014

The 50th Anniversary Of The Passing Of President Herbert Clark Hoover

I thought I would leave a quick note to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the passing of American President Herbert Clark Hoover.  The humanitarian and mining engineer passed away on October 20, 1964.  He was 90 years of age.  Although he had become a scapegoat of the Great Depression, his post-presidential endeavors allowed him to enjoy a rehabilitation of his image by the time of his passing.

What you see here is an autographed card and a photograph:
 photo HooverCardPhoto_zps6416ef48.jpg

Sunday, October 19, 2014

The 150th Anniversary Of The Battle Of Cedar Creek Aka The Battle Of Belle Grove Aka Sheridan's Ride

My Friends: Today is the 150th Anniversary of The Battle Of Cedar Creek ... also known as The Battle Of Belle Grove. The Skirmish is widely known as Sheridan's Ride as well. The Battle took place as part of the American Civil War and featured the Union General Philip Sheridan. Thomas Buchanan Read wrote a poem called Sheridan's Ride based on the pivotal victory that took place there. In this video I have for you a Recitation of Sheridan's Ride by Edgar L. Davenport. It is on a Thomas Edison Blue Amberol Cylinder Record. This is the second pressing from 1913 (catalog number 1957). I also have a 19th century photograph of General Philip Sheridan. The record is played on a Thomas Edison Amberola Phonograph VI-B or BVI. Unfortunately, the sound is a bit distorted. I had my camera too close to the horn. Decreasing the volume definitely helps soften the harsh sound.

The url for the above video in case it does not embed properly: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qQKN0EBPJQc

 photo SheridanRide01_zps25264737.jpg
 photo SheridanRide02_zps02d83700.jpg
 photo SheridanRide03_zpsa8db84a3.jpg
 photo SheridanRide04_zps92e5c7f2.jpg

Thank you for continuing to observe the American Civil War Sesquicentennial with me.

Saturday, October 18, 2014

18th Century Field Day And The Assault On Fort Mercer Battle Of Red Bank Revolutionary War Reenactment Will Take Place In National Park, New Jersey Tomorrow, October 19, 2014

As stated in the long title above, 18th Century Field Day featuring The Assault On Fort Mercer Battle Of Red Bank Revolutionary War Reenactment will take place at Red Bank Battlefield in National Park, NJ tomorrow.  According to https://www.facebook.com/whitallhouse, the schedule of events will be as follows:

"10am: Jonas Cattell Race Runners arrive; Children's Muster Drill, Calligraphy Activity; Whitall House Tours.
11am: First Battle
11:30: Colonial Conjurer (Magic Show!)
12pm: Loyalist vs. Patriot Sword Fight; Weaving Demonstration
12:30: Children's Muster Drill; Colonial Conjurer
1pm: Girl Wonder! (Women in the Revolution)
1:30: Loyalist vs. Patriot sword fight
2pm: Second Battle
2:30pm: Girl Wonder!
3:00pm: A Soldier's Life"

Other links with information:


Instead of posting a new blog entry after the event, I will embed the photographs and video footage into this one.

Sunday, October 12, 2014

The Witches Ball In Mount Holly, NJ On October 11, 2014

Many of us experienced The Witches Ball once again.  2014 marked my fifth or sixth year attending.  I noticed the town decorating more for the event compared to previous years.  That allowed me to take more photographs.

First, here is a virtual tour of the event:

 photo WitchesBall201401_zps44fc61f4.jpg
 photo WitchesBall201402_zps74899db3.jpg
 photo WitchesBall201403_zps88bd68f8.jpg
 photo WitchesBall201404_zps229cfc48.jpg
 photo WitchesBall201405_zpsdc5541ef.jpg
 photo WitchesBall201406_zps06be068c.jpg
 photo WitchesBall201407_zpse82f1034.jpg
 photo WitchesBall201408_zps780bcf6d.jpg
 photo WitchesBall201409_zps73db7c46.jpg
 photo WitchesBall201410_zpsb669b752.jpg
 photo WitchesBall201411_zps5502f0e7.jpg
 photo WitchesBall201412_zps75b819ec.jpg
 photo WitchesBall201413_zps0c2c17e6.jpg
 photo WitchesBall201414_zps55424fbe.jpg
 photo WitchesBall201415_zps92ff49ea.jpg
 photo WitchesBall201416_zpsf6e491aa.jpg
 photo WitchesBall201417_zps9d8fe8d5.jpg
 photo WitchesBall201418_zpsbd1a98af.jpg
 photo WitchesBall201419_zpsf9b82eb4.jpg
 photo WitchesBall201420_zps68420e64.jpg
 photo WitchesBall201421_zps70623492.jpg
 photo WitchesBall201422_zpsd41cd5b1.jpg
 photo WitchesBall201423_zps249b1ffb.jpg

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