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Saturday, October 23, 2010

German Wafers With Dark Chocolate - Check Out What They Call This!

Afrika?? Dark CHOCOLATE-covered wafers are called Afrika by this German company (Afrika is the German language equivalent to Africa in English). Pretty funny - I knew I had to pick it up when I saw it in the store.


This is the same country that calls [or called (in the past tense) as someone told them it may offend people] the chocolate-covered marshmallows with wafer bottoms either Neger Küsse (aka Negro Kisses) or Mohrenkopf (Moor's Head). I had a lot of laughs back in the 1990s with those names. I had a Mohrenkopf box that I brought home in 1995, but it was mistakenly thrown away. I have a picture of the outdoor German market selling Neger Küsse candies from I believe 2003. I will have to dig that picture up some time.

I am going to start my own vanilla cookie and candy lines and call them "Europe" or "Europa" and the cookies or candies themselves "Caucasians"
(or "Caucasian Heads" or "Caucasian Kisses")!! Better yet, maybe I'll call them "Honkeys"!!

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  1. If the Afrika name amuses you, just yesterday at the commissary an older black woman was throwing a fit down the aisle from me. Turns out Bahlsen also makes Dark - Negro cookies as well and she demanded not only it but all of the Bahlsen products be removed from the shelf - to include the Afrika's which she didn't seem to have any problems with... Had to grab a box of Negroe's just for the hell of it. I'd attace a picture if it were possible but a good clear image of it can be seen here: http://www.worldofsnacks.com/blog/bahlsen-choco-leibniz-dark-chocolate-biscuits


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