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Saturday, November 8, 2014

237th Anniversary Of The Siege Of Fort Mifflin Revolutionary War Reenactment Held In Philadelphia, PA On November 8, 2014

The Siege Of Fort Mifflin was once again held in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania earlier today.  Of course, the Siege Reenactment took place at the namesake Fort and actual location of the Battle.  This blog entry covers day one of the two day Siege Weekend (November 8, 2014).

Here are three videos (Part 1: The Battle Reenactment, Part 2: The Encampment and Part 3: The Final March And The Lowering Of The Flag) ...

Photographs of the day ...

 photo MifflinSiege201401_zpsdffbeef9.jpg
 photo MifflinSiege201402_zpsebc16790.jpg
 photo MifflinSiege201403_zps01828ab4.jpg
 photo MifflinSiege201404_zps457615f7.jpg
 photo MifflinSiege201405_zps3e4d24d9.jpg
 photo MifflinSiege201406_zps84061ac1.jpg
 photo MifflinSiege201407_zps40161dca.jpg
 photo MifflinSiege201408_zpsda8e27b2.jpg
 photo MifflinSiege201409_zpsa1f2a857.jpg
 photo MifflinSiege201410_zps9e2a5c71.jpg
 photo MifflinSiege201411_zps2ca68509.jpg
 photo MifflinSiege201412_zps2a205c6f.jpg
 photo MifflinSiege201413_zps2c5bdfeb.jpg
 photo MifflinSiege201414_zpse34afc1f.jpg
 photo MifflinSiege201415_zps91fcbf89.jpg
 photo MifflinSiege201416_zpsd8635471.jpg
 photo MifflinSiege201417_zpse8ea2884.jpg
 photo MifflinSiege201418_zps6a9d380c.jpg
 photo MifflinSiege201419_zpscae8d246.jpg
 photo MifflinSiege201420_zps51b00cdd.jpg
 photo MifflinSiege201421_zps36a88b39.jpg
 photo MifflinSiege201422_zps8683538f.jpg
 photo MifflinSiege201423_zpse9cfafd0.jpg
 photo MifflinSiege201424_zps4d848491.jpg
 photo MifflinSiege201425_zps2b37ffce.jpg

You can see all of this and more on day two of the Siege Of Fort Mifflin 237th Anniversary Weekend on Sunday, November 9, 2014.  Details can be found here - http://www.fortmifflin.us

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