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Tuesday, December 23, 2014

The Evening Star Christmas Eve 1969 Edition With Vietnam War And U.S. Military News December 24, 1969

The Historic Soldiers Christmas Series continues with a spotlight on the United States Army in the Vietnam War.  In this video, I will show you a copy of The Evening Star newspaper from December 24, 1969.  This was filmed on December 23, 2014 ... one day shy of the paper's 45th anniversary.  The newspaper features stories pertaining to Vietnam, pertaining to the then President Richard Nixon, advertisements and holiday cheer.  There are a lot of historically-significant reports in this newspaper.  It was certainly a chaotic time.

The url for the above video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mjSe-BI_z0I

Here are close-up photographs of the newspaper ...

 photo EveningStar1969Nam01_zpsfe46a90b.jpg
 photo EveningStar1969Nam02_zps814ad319.jpg
 photo EveningStar1969Nam03_zpsad56c1c7.jpg
 photo EveningStar1969Nam04_zps08a41222.jpg
 photo EveningStar1969Nam05_zps27a7e3f3.jpg
 photo EveningStar1969Nam06_zps5602c2dc.jpg
 photo EveningStar1969Nam07_zps03a20da2.jpg
 photo EveningStar1969Nam08_zpsfe7ac8e6.jpg
 photo EveningStar1969Nam09_zps20f58731.jpg
 photo EveningStar1969Nam10_zpsa0fe4700.jpg
 photo EveningStar1969Nam11_zpsab1151a2.jpg
 photo EveningStar1969Nam12_zps75ce6dc0.jpg
 photo EveningStar1969Nam13_zpsc4d7a905.jpg
 photo EveningStar1969Nam14_zpsdb74d277.jpg
 photo EveningStar1969Nam15_zpsb98dc2e6.jpg

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