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Thursday, December 25, 2014

The 100th Anniversary Of The Christmas Truce During World War I

Merry Christmas to you!  It is Christmas Day, December 25, 2014 and this video concludes the Second Season of the Historic Soldiers Christmas Series.  The Christmas Truce during the First World War took place on this day one century ago and this episode of the Historic Soldiers Christmas Series focuses on the Truce from the perspective of the  British Army.  100 years ago, the British Troops and the German Troops put down their weapons and celebrated the Holiday in No Man's Land.  In honor of this Centennial, I have with me two pages from a British publication titled The Illustrated War News that report on this very, very special moment in human history.

The url for the above video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RP6NnvTcneI

I pronounced estaminet incorrectly.  It is a French word and, unfortunately, I have forgotten statistically 100% of what I learned in the two years that I took French in the 1980s.  I looked up the pronunciation of the word during the editing of this video.

Here you see pages 42 and 43 of The Illustrated War News from its January 20, 1915 (Part 24) edition.  Similar to what we have today with post dating, this issue may have been on the shelves in December of 1914.

 photo IllustratedWarTruce191401_zps7d5f89d1.jpg

 photo IllustratedWarTruce191402_zpsdfeb3ecc.jpg

 photo IllustratedWarTruce191403_zpse5e60e80.jpg

The only part of the text that may be too blurry to read is "(Continued opposite)" in the bottom right corner:
 photo IllustratedWarTruce191404_zpsb062a10f.jpg

 photo IllustratedWarTruce191405_zpsad73fb77.jpg

 photo IllustratedWarTruce191406_zps41aff6b7.jpg

 photo IllustratedWarTruce191407_zps5fc59d57.jpg

I am very glad to bring this to you.  I consider the Christmas Truce during World War I to be one of the most extraordinary and one of the most incredible events in human history.  I thank all of you for watching/reading and observing the Centennial of World War I.

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