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Saturday, December 6, 2014

GTV Almrausch, The Damenchor Wald Echo And The Franklinville-Schwarzwald Männerchor At The Christmas Village In Philadelphia, PA On December 6, 2014

This blog entry features performances by GTV Almrausch, Damenchor Wald Echo and the Franklinville-Schwarzwald Männerchor.  GTV Almrausch is a German Schuhplattler dance group and Damenchor Wald Echo and the Franklinville-Schwarzwald Männerchor are German choral groups.  They appeared at the Christmas Village in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania on December 6, 2014.

As you can see in the photographs and video footage, there was a hard rain coming down.  The camera lens faced interference from raindrops and fogging.  I was soaked.  I stood out there filming.  None of my umbrellas were nearby so I went to the Village without any of them.  I do not mind - it was well worth it since I was interested in seeing these acts bring the German culture to the German Christmas Village.

I parked ten blocks away.  Considering how busy Philadelphia is, I park at the first spot that I see.  As I walked down Arch Street, I decided to get a couple shots of the skyline.  You can see how nasty it was outside.

 photo ChristmasVillage201401_zps888a71a5.jpg

 photo ChristmasVillage201402_zpsc30cc584.jpg

 photo ChristmasVillage201403_zps1e771458.jpg

Here is GTV Almrausch.  The songs that they danced to were the Schuhplattler Tanz, the Hofbräuhaus and Bergvagabunden.

The url for the above video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_xyDuxhB7o0

 photo ChristmasVillage201404_zpsc5c3293c.jpg

 photo ChristmasVillage201405_zps942e1450.jpg

 photo ChristmasVillage201406_zps8ebfc4b7.jpg

Here are Damenchor Wald Echo and the Franklinville-Schwarzwald Männerchor.  They performed a number of Christmas (aka Weihnachten) songs.

The url for the above video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gCJ7n2Wu6FY

 photo ChristmasVillage201407_zps65e8b693.jpg

 photo ChristmasVillage201408_zps18ca5bcf.jpg

 photo ChristmasVillage201409_zpsd5641ce7.jpg

I took a walk, a wet walk, around the Village.  Here are some shots ...

 photo ChristmasVillage201410_zps11787df7.jpg

 photo ChristmasVillage201411_zpsc5402065.jpg

 photo ChristmasVillage201412_zpsc41b6604.jpg

 photo ChristmasVillage201413_zps6134cfa1.jpg

 photo ChristmasVillage201414_zpsc28975b1.jpg

 photo ChristmasVillage201415_zps262c3da9.jpg

 photo ChristmasVillage201416_zps5ff2ca54.jpg

 photo ChristmasVillage201417_zps6e3773ff.jpg

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