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Sunday, October 12, 2014

The Witches Ball In Mount Holly, NJ On October 11, 2014

Many of us experienced The Witches Ball once again.  2014 marked my fifth or sixth year attending.  I noticed the town decorating more for the event compared to previous years.  That allowed me to take more photographs.

First, here is a virtual tour of the event:

 photo WitchesBall201401_zps44fc61f4.jpg
 photo WitchesBall201402_zps74899db3.jpg
 photo WitchesBall201403_zps88bd68f8.jpg
 photo WitchesBall201404_zps229cfc48.jpg
 photo WitchesBall201405_zpsdc5541ef.jpg
 photo WitchesBall201406_zps06be068c.jpg
 photo WitchesBall201407_zpse82f1034.jpg
 photo WitchesBall201408_zps780bcf6d.jpg
 photo WitchesBall201409_zps73db7c46.jpg
 photo WitchesBall201410_zpsb669b752.jpg
 photo WitchesBall201411_zps5502f0e7.jpg
 photo WitchesBall201412_zps75b819ec.jpg
 photo WitchesBall201413_zps0c2c17e6.jpg
 photo WitchesBall201414_zps55424fbe.jpg
 photo WitchesBall201415_zps92ff49ea.jpg
 photo WitchesBall201416_zpsf6e491aa.jpg
 photo WitchesBall201417_zps9d8fe8d5.jpg
 photo WitchesBall201418_zpsbd1a98af.jpg
 photo WitchesBall201419_zpsf9b82eb4.jpg
 photo WitchesBall201420_zps68420e64.jpg
 photo WitchesBall201421_zps70623492.jpg
 photo WitchesBall201422_zpsd41cd5b1.jpg
 photo WitchesBall201423_zps249b1ffb.jpg

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