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Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Haunted Haddon Halloween Car Show In Camden, New Jersey On October 25, 2014

On October 25, 2014, the Haddon Farmers Market in Camden, NJ hosted a Car Show that featured antique and modern automobiles, Halloween sights and moon bounce attractions.  I visited the Market for the first time on October 19 of this year and during my time there I found out about this event.  I do have high hopes for this Market given that it is in Camden, a city that is in dire need of revenue and tourism and, quite simply, there cannot be enough of these kinds of markets.  You will note that the name Haddon Twp. (aka Township) was used on the promotional flyer.  Haddon Township is not as horrifying as Camden, NJ so that is why it was used.  I have been in and out of Camden for over twenty years now and some parts of the city are fine.  This market is in one of the safest areas of the city.

I took a bunch of photographs.  In them, you will see Halloween-themed and other displays, one vehicle with a lot of speakers and more.  The market building can be seen in the background of some photos.  The market has great hours inside and outside and there is still plenty of vendor space available.

 photo CamdenCar201401_zps971229b7.jpg
 photo CamdenCar201402_zpsff558190.jpg
 photo CamdenCar201403_zps2316c85c.jpg
 photo CamdenCar201404_zps9d611a5f.jpg
 photo CamdenCar201405_zpsfe11123b.jpg
 photo CamdenCar201406_zps51fbda55.jpg
 photo CamdenCar201407_zpsb275abe2.jpg
 photo CamdenCar201408_zps607c8075.jpg
 photo CamdenCar201409_zps42f63644.jpg
 photo CamdenCar201410_zps62d4ab5b.jpg
 photo CamdenCar201411_zpsd56663b3.jpg
 photo CamdenCar201412_zps1b0b0ff9.jpg
 photo CamdenCar201413_zpsad41bbbf.jpg
 photo CamdenCar201414_zps9262d408.jpg
 photo CamdenCar201415_zpsa4f739ac.jpg
 photo CamdenCar201416_zpsb05397ca.jpg
 photo CamdenCar201417_zps01ac9700.jpg
 photo CamdenCar201418_zps6d694f42.jpg
 photo CamdenCar201419_zps0ff1a2a2.jpg
 photo CamdenCar201420_zpsbd39ab3b.jpg
 photo CamdenCar201421_zpsb58a51c0.jpg
 photo CamdenCar201422_zps7361aeaf.jpg
 photo CamdenCar201423_zpsada5d6d0.jpg
 photo CamdenCar201424_zpsc1a460d8.jpg
 photo CamdenCar201425_zps7fd5e1df.jpg
 photo CamdenCar201426_zps7cb41751.jpg
 photo CamdenCar201427_zps3b0205af.jpg

Here is the market's website: http://www.haddonfarmersmarket.com

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