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Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Battle Of Germantown Revolutionary War Reenactment In Germantown, PA On October 4, 2014

On October 4, 2014, the annual Battle Of Germantown Revolutionary War Reenactment took place.  The Battle itself was on October 4 in 1777.  Embedded within this blog entry are two videos and a few photographs.  More photographs of the event can be found at this url: http://s169.photobucket.com/user/portaltothepast/library/Reenactments/Revolutionary%20War/Germantown%2010-4-2014?sort=9&page=1

 photo Germantown_2014_01Orig_zps54983f9d.jpg
 photo Germantown_2014_06Orig_zps24be3cf0.jpg
 photo Germantown_2014_13Orig_zps22925caf.jpg
 photo Germantown_2014_15Orig_zps010550e2.jpg
 photo Germantown_2014_30Orig_zps2148988d.jpg
 photo Germantown_2014_31Orig_zps554f3182.jpg

A rifleman shooting out of the window at The Cliveden Estate (the Battle itself took place on this exact spot and the damage that you see on the building happened during the Conflict) ...

 photo Germantown_2014_35Orig_zpse5e2b699.jpg
 photo Germantown_2014_36Orig_zps9eb3c01b.jpg
 photo Germantown_2014_46Orig_zps5c9cd037.jpg

Here I am with a Flag that the Philadelphia Continental Chapter of the Sons Of The American Revolution (Link: http://passar.org/PCC) handed out.  These Flags were on the graves of Revolutionary War Soldiers, and were removed when they were replaced with new Flags.  I certainly recognize the significance of owning this Flag given where it was initially standing.  Also in this photograph is a tree that was standing during the Battle Of Germantown in the 1700s!  Massive history in this photograph:
 photo Germantown_2014_49Orig_zpsf3aa6b45.jpg

You can see the combat damage in these pics ...

 photo Germantown_2014_50Orig_zps6b6c92b5.jpg
 photo Germantown_2014_51Orig_zps7112f5f0.jpg
 photo Germantown_2014_52Orig_zpsb7f4570e.jpg

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