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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Today Begins The American Civil War Sesquicentennial

Hello everyone. Today is the day the first shots of the War Between The States were fired. In honor of the day, I wore a Civil War tie from morning until night. Since youtube has many amazing and extraordinary videos pertaining to the Civil War , I thought I would embed a few of them. They range from archival footage of Reunions to interviews with "Real Children" of Civil War Veterans and I will close with a video from the conflict's Last Survivor.

On this day, the 150th Anniversary of the American Civil War, I thought it proper to post this fantastic video with some amazing footage of actual Civil War Veterans. This video features clips from the 75th Anniversary Of Gettysburg Reunion from 1938. These people were actually in that conflict in the 1860s!! Very touching and moving. I know you will love it.

The real original authentic Rebel Yell from someone who was there!!

Awesome footage! Check out the people dancing and playing music!

Incredible archival footage here ...

INCREDIBLE MEETING RIGHT HERE!!! MUST SEE!! Two guys whose fathers were actually in the Civil War and on opposite sides. See what they say to each other!! This was filmed quite recently (10-10-2009). I, myself, was in touch with a few "Real Children" of Civil War Vets in recent years too.

True Union son and True Confederate son meet for the first time.

Two "Real Sons" from last year. Their fathers were born in the 1840s!!!!

Here is an actual immediate son of a Union Veteran. He discusses his father's experience in the Civil War. This clip is a real treasure for all of us.

Finally ...

The sun has set on this 150th Anniversary of the start of the American Civil War. I decided to end the evening with the last ... the absolute last undisputed survivor of the War Between The States, Albert Woolson. He was a drummer boy during the conflict and lived from 1850 to 1956. This is a very sincere and touching video. NEVER FORGET Albert and all of the War's participants.

The 150th Anniversary Observance will last until April of 2015 and I will be showing all of you photographs of relics and giving you information on the many commemorative events as they are scheduled. Bless you all. Good night.

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