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Sunday, April 13, 2014

Colored Troops Civil War Reenactment Held At Fort Mifflin On April 6, 2014

Fort Mifflin in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania held the annual U.S.C.T. United States Colored Troops Civil War Reenactment on April 5 and 6, 2014. The following video footage and photographs are from the 6th.

First of all, youtube once again allowed someone to "own via copyright" a song that should be in the public domain. Due to this, I deleted the video footage from youtube and uploaded it to another server. I had to decrease the megabyte size of the video in order to upload it to the other server so the quality is lacking compared to how it would have looked on youtube. This caused problems when I blogged about last year's event (Link: http://michaeltheresearcher.blogspot.com/2013/04/colored-troops-civil-war-reenactment.html). Here is the footage:

Photographs ...

 photo USCT462014a_zpse43c1c18.jpg
 photo USCT462014b_zps0caec470.jpg
 photo USCT462014c_zps58232390.jpg
 photo USCT462014d_zpsc418eb2c.jpg
 photo USCT462014e_zps962afae9.jpg
 photo USCT462014f_zps44e24af0.jpg
 photo USCT462014g_zps6f3c9aa6.jpg
 photo USCT462014h_zpsea18ded7.jpg
 photo USCT462014i_zps4200e8f6.jpg
 photo USCT462014j_zpsfe5e6cb5.jpg
 photo USCT462014k_zps86a9953f.jpg
 photo USCT462014l_zps0bb4aa35.jpg
 photo USCT462014m_zpse8731049.jpg
 photo USCT462014n_zps6a6b4d3f.jpg
 photo USCT462014o_zps9a28065e.jpg
 photo USCT462014p_zps12c0612f.jpg

Here is a mug that I picked up ...

 photo USCT462014q_zps399d1a29.jpg
 photo USCT462014r_zps94946ea8.jpg

You will note the image of the old gate on the front of the mug. I visited and blogged about this gate last year: http://michaeltheresearcher.blogspot.com/2013/06/on-this-day-150-years-ago-camp-william.html

I would like to have set up a display with Civil War artifacts and presented musical selections of some phonograph cylinders at this event. I was too busy to organize it this time. Next year ...

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