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Friday, April 12, 2013

Colored Troops Civil War Reenactment Held At Fort Mifflin On April 7, 2013

Once again, Fort Mifflin in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania hosted the U.S.C.T. United States Colored Troops Civil War Reenactment. It was a two-day event. This blog entry features photographs and videos of the second day (Sunday, April 7, 2013). The event featured camp life, firing demonstrations, displays, lectures, music and more.
 photo USCTApril2013_01_zps0afafa07.jpg  photo USCTApril2013_02_zpsaa84abc2.jpg
 photo USCTApril2013_03_zps2d25b016.jpg
 photo USCTApril2013_04a_zpsc7857f1a.jpg  photo USCTApril2013_04b_zpsfd942738.jpg  photo USCTApril2013_04c_zps4af39eb4.jpg  photo USCTApril2013_05a_zpse6df6b54.jpg  photo USCTApril2013_05b_zpsa2bc96c4.jpg  photo USCTApril2013_06_zps6269fcc6.jpg  photo USCTApril2013_07_zps28f3ddce.jpg 
   photo USCTApril2013_08_zps1570d569.jpg

Here is a photo of Antoine Watts portraying Jacob C. White (there were some great stories about incidents on horse carts):
 photo USCTApril2013_09_zps2cda7c91.jpg

 photo USCTApril2013_10_zps5cef9ff2.jpg

A band known as Becton Kemp And Watts (featuring Joe Becton, Crystal Kemp and Antoine Watts) performed a few songs. Here is a photo of the band:
 photo USCTApril2013_11_zps07e7c27c.jpg

I do have some Becton Kemp And Watts performance videos. First off, youtube is giving me trouble. In all of my years on that website, this is the first time youtube is giving me problems over copyright. All of the songs I uploaded are public domain so I was shocked to see a third party claim. The problem is that shady people have put copyright claims in for songs that are many years old and youtube is allowing them to make money off of the work of other people. Just so you see how disgusting the matter is, someone has a copyright on the music playing while the American Flag is lowered and youtube facilitates this with new software that can listen to a video without a title being in the video. I uploaded the following five videos and youtube put copyright claims in for three of them so I deleted them and uploaded them to my photobucket account. When I heard about youtube being sold to google in 2006, I knew it would cause problems. The problem with photobucket is the size limit. The same can be said for vimeo. Dailymotion uses ads so for now, photobucket is my only option. In order to upload them to photobucket, I had to decrease their megabyte size using Windows Live Movie Maker. They are now of lesser quality. I hope to run into Joe at the Neshaminy Reenactment later this month so I can give him a CD with the original higher-quality versions. Now for the videos ...

Here they are performing "Battle Cry Of Freedom" ... the "Union Version" of course:

George Frederick Root wrote this song in 1862. Like a fool, I was not paying attention and I left Crystal out of the footage. She is in the other concert videos.

Here they are performing "Goober Peas":

The url for the above video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ktVRdZswhTk

I am the guy speaking in the beginning (in reference to the newspaper article). This song was performed by Confederate Soldiers during the War Between The States. The reason why it was performed at this event is due to the word "Goober" itself. It is derived from the West African word "nguba" which translates into our language as "peanut". Peanuts were transported on the same ships as captured slaves and the variation of the term nguba survives to this day. More information can be found at this link: http://www.answers.com/topic/goober

Here they are performing "Give Us A Flag":

The url for the above video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Pe3xtdwznl8

This song was written by a Black Soldier from the 54th Massachusetts Regiment in 1863. The following links will give you information and the lyrics to the song: http://www.scholarlyediting.org/2013/editions/aa.18630620.1.html & http://www.musicanet.org/robokopp/usa/giveflag.htm

Here they are performing "Amazing Grace":

This video features footage of the second day in four parts [1. Firing Contest (3rd Regiment, 6th Regiment and 26th Regiment), 2. Final March, 3. Lowering Of The Flag and 4. Final Words]:

The Final March ...

 photo USCTApril2013_12_zpsc962c44a.jpg
 photo USCTApril2013_13_zps2bf9e59c.jpg
 photo USCTApril2013_14_zpsb69d13a7.jpg

Here is the flyer showing the itinerary of the day:
 photo USCTApril2013_15_zps8d12eb8e.jpg

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