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Friday, April 19, 2013

World War II Encampment At The Colonial Plantation On April 14, 2013

As I stated in my previous blog entry, I went to three different events on Sunday, April 14, 2013. This began my History Workout/History Marathon. I went to the World War II event in Media, Pennsylvania specifically at the Colonial Plantation in Ridley Park. There were two tents and a small display outside and a few displays inside.

A brief video: 

Photographs ... 
  photo EncampmentApril14201301_zps6f633c1f.jpg  photo EncampmentApril14201302_zps252d25c2.jpg  photo EncampmentApril14201303_zps45381eaf.jpg  photo EncampmentApril14201304_zps4f9d5640.jpg  photo EncampmentApril14201305_zps4bc8fb55.jpg

Here are some fantastic militaria artifacts ... 
  photo EncampmentApril14201306_zps1aa256af.jpg  photo EncampmentApril14201307a_zps0f3ba8cd.jpg  photo EncampmentApril14201307b_zps6e12e63a.jpg  photo EncampmentApril14201308_zps5c1bebfe.jpg

A Living Historian noticed I was wearing a 150th Civil War hat and he showed a knife to me. It was made from a Civil War sword during the World War II era so there are two historic aspects to the knife. It is pictured on the left: 
  photo EncampmentApril14201309_zps67bd980d.jpg

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