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Thursday, May 1, 2014

Two General Marcus J. Wright Letters As Part Of Confederate History Week On May 1, 2014

It is May the first 2014.  I have extended Confederate History Week to seven days.  Today is episode number six and in this episode, I am going to discuss Confederate Brigadier General Marcus Wright.  Marcus Wright is one of two Confederate Generals buried in Arlington National Cemetery.  The other is Joseph Wheeler.  After the Conflict, Marcus Wright worked at the United States Navy Yard in Tennessee and then the War Department in Washington, DC.  He was in the War Records Office and specifically acted as an agent for the collection of Confederate records.

I have two letters for you in the embedded video below.  Both were sent by Marcus Wright.  They are from 1896 and 1911 and both pertain to war records.  The video can also serve as a brief signature study and a brief handwriting analysis.

Photographs ...

 photo MarcusWrightLetters01_zps1436ab43.jpg
 photo MarcusWrightLetters02_zps6cde9fa1.jpg

 photo MarcusWrightLetters03_zpsc17d485b.jpg

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