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Saturday, May 23, 2009

Secretarial Signatures Of Hoover And Ike

Letters bearing the signatures of secretaries signed on behalf of Herbert Hoover and Dwight Eisenhower have recently sold for big money of an internet auction site (I am sure you can figure out which one). The Hoover letter sold for over $100 and the Ike letter sold for over $180. There is also another Hoover letter currently offered at a fixed price. It features the same secretary. In addition, I saw a website that seeks to "educate" collectors on the autographs of major figures in World War II and the entry for Eisenhower is a sample of his secretary's hand! How ironic ... and unfortunate. I e-mailed three out of the four people (I never got to e-mailing the seller of the Ike letter) to tell them the signatures are fake and not one responded back to me. Big surprise.

Be very careful when purchasing Presidential Autographs. Some secretaries were very, very good at replicating their bosses. Some are near impossible to differentiate while others are quite easy to identify. Hoover and Ike are among the easiest ones to pick out. Examples are available for your reference online.

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