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Saturday, February 27, 2016

A Visit To The Grave Of Frank Woodruff Buckles On The Fifth Anniversary Of His Passing

Frank Woodruff Buckles, America's Last Surviving Veteran Of World War I, passed away five years ago today on February 27, 2011. He is, without question, one of the most important figures in this nation's history. On this, the Fifth Anniversary of his passing, I visited his grave at Arlington National Cemetery in Virginia so I could commemorate the occasion. You will note the signed portrait and the photograph of the two of us taken on the day that we met back in 2009.

I have never forgotten about the extraordinary meeting that I had with Frank Buckles.  That meeting was the very first topic on this blog and all these years later, I am always happy to blog about "The Last Of The Doughboys".  I am elated to have finally made it to his gravesite.

Here is a video that I shot today:

The url: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mGkJ2WSp2-k

Photographs ...

 photo Frank Fifth 1_zpsjzevounk.jpg
 photo Frank Fifth 2_zpswu2ksdbh.jpg
 photo Frank Fifth 4_zpstpifm1gh.jpg


  1. Michael--enjoyed watching your video at Frank Buckles' grave site. I also have the signed photo of Frank Buckles on his front porch that I received from David DeJonge before Frank passed. I never was quite able to arrange a visit to see Frank at his West Virginia farm because his health started to decline. I am glad you were able to meet him. I did go to his visitation in Washington D.C. I am still angry that the politicians did not allow
    Frank Buckles to lie in honor in the capital rotunda. Keep up the good work and thanks for honoring Frank Buckles.

    Dennis St. Andrew
    Cary, North Carolina

  2. Dennis,
    Hi there. Thank you for the comment and the feedback. We are two of the lucky ones who were able to acquire those limited portraits. After I met him, the area on his website that made reference to people visiting him was removed so I was at the tail end. I was part of the group that wanted Frank to Lie In Honor. I made telephone calls and sent e-mail messages. It was a real disgrace that the politicians from both parties did not allow it to happen. That will forevermore be a stain on this nation's record.


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